About us

REIMPACT Re, is an independent, privately held, specialised insurance and reinsurance intermediary from Slovenia, established in 2023.

The Company is licenced and regulated by the Insurance Supervision Agency of Slovenia.

We support inspiring leadership, honest teamwork with open dialogue, dynamic, trustworthy, long-term oriented collaboration, and common understanding.

Our centre of gravity is our customers!

Safeguarding the best interests of our respected and valued customers is our daily work.

To serve risk stakeholders with positive impact, generating an effective enterprise risk mitigation and management supervision process.

We are proud to deliver passionate and trustworthy actions, learning and supporting the multicultural world of innovations, and achieving inclusive, stable, profitable growth.

We share our work ethic, positive energy, and enthusiasm, always ready to listen and understand first, finding common interests and acting on time as a highly valued business connector with the aim of meeting our stakeholders’ satisfaction.

Let us meet and face the challenges. We are collaborating to further strengthen the quality of our service, and to support the fulfilment of local and global insurance, and the reinsurance protection gap!

We are living our Vision

Creating more insurance and reinsurance resilience for profitable sustainability, always!

We are delivering our Mission

Empowering our value proposition across global risk chain stakeholders, always!

We are sharing our Core Values


Basic company data

Short name: REIMPACT Re Ltd
Registered business address: Hrašče 119, SI-6230 Postojna, Slovenija
Date of the establishment: 12 July 2023
Registration of the entity into companies Court register: 11 August 2023
Company is registered with the Koper District Court, SRG entry number: 2023/27951
Legal organization form: Private Limited Company (d.o.o.)
Registration number: 9451854000
VAT identification number: SI12864447
Bank account: SI56 0313 3100 0382 278 (SKB Banka d.d. Ljubljana, Slovenija). SWIFT code: SKBASI2X

Authorisation to perform insurance and reinsurance brokerage transactions

The Insurance Supervision Agency of Slovenia (AZN), hereby issues authorisation to:

  • REIMPACT Re operates in accordance with the Insurance Act in the Republic of Slovenia (ZZavar-1) and under the supervision of the Insurance Supervisory Agency of the Republic of Slovenia (AZN), and declares the following

REIMPACT Re, Legal Statements, Notice, and Privacy Policy

  • REIMPACT Re and their insurance and reinsurance brokers do not have a direct or indirect shares representing more than 10% of the share of voting rights or share of capital in any insurance, reinsurance, or broking Company.
  • No insurance, reinsurance, and broking Company has a direct or indirect share representing more than a 10% share of voting rights or share of capital of REIMPACT Re.
  • REIMPACT Re provides an insurance, reinsurance, and consultancy service based on a high level of transparency with the aim of securing the best interests of consumers as per the Insurance Act (ZZavar-1).
  • REIMPACT Re respects and applies local and international insurance and reinsurance broking standards, such as fair competition, morals, and ethics, in order to secure the best interests of consumers with fit and proper risk analyses, adequate and fair pricing, and optimal cover with proper value proposition.
  • As trustworthy local and international professionals, REIMPACT Re is operating in accordance with the Code of Good Business Practices as an active member of the Association of Insurance Brokers of Slovenia, with an established internal procedure for resolving potential complaints and conflict issues. If there are any disagreement or conflicts of interest beyond the reach of our internal process, policy holders / consumers have the right to initiate procedure before the selected IRPS provider.
  • REIMPACT Re provides an insurance and reinsurance broking service to all insurance and reinsurance companies registered in the Republic of Slovenia, with no obligation to one or more companies, and without economic or legal ties to any insurance, reinsurance, or broking company that may affect REIMPACT Re’s ability to fulfil obligations to policy holders / consumers.
  • REIMPACT Re is well aware of the importance of the human right to privacy of personal data files, and is operating according to applicable legislation and in line with the Insurance Act (ZZavar -1) to properly store and protect personal data, supervising the process and collecting only data necessary for securing the best business interests of our customers, and for fulfilling the contract obligations for securing transparent business relations.
  • REIMPACT Re regularly updates its register of insurance and reinsurance brokers who perform insurance and reinsurance brokerage transactions based on employment or on another legal relationship.
  • REIMPACT Re operates based on provision of the full pre- contractual disclosure principle as the first contact with clients.
  • REIMPACT Re provides continuous local and international vocational training and education for its internal employees, as per requirements regulated by the Insurance Act (ZZavar-1) and by the Insurance Supervisory Agency of Slovenia (AZN).

For any additional information please contact info@reimpact-re.com.

The above Statements are valid from 11 August 2023 onwards.

REIMPACT Re – Operational framework, due diligence, and compliance

  • Slovenian Insurance Act (ZZavar -1)
  • Insurance Supervision Agency of Slovenia (AZN)
  • Code of Ethics (Insurance Brokers Association of Slovenia)
  • Obligatory Professional Liability Insurance cover for Insurance Intermediation
  • Electronic Commerce and Electronic Signature (ZEPEP)
  • “KYC” – Know Your Customer Standards
  • “TOBA” – Terms of Business Agreement
  • “GDPR” – General Data Protection Regulation
  • “AML/CFT” – Anti Money Laundering / Combating the Financing of Terrorism
  • “FATF” – Financial Action Task Force
  • Transparency International – The global coalition against corruption


For any additional information please contact info@reimpact-re.com.


REIMPACT Re is active member of:

  • The Insurance Brokers Association of Slovenia within the Chamber of Small Business and Trade as part of the Chamber of Commerce of Industry of Slovenia.
  • Slovenian Directors’ Association.